onsdag 29 oktober 2008

Sketch #28

Another Wednesday - another SKETCH!
This week, I have got no less than three beautiful LOs from two amazing ladies: Maja (the first LO) and Lynlee (the two following)!
Lynlee said I could choose. She was way wrong. How could I ever?!
So I added both her LOs.

These ladies were both in my challenge a while back, and I asked if they'd like to make an LO for me.
They did - which made me VERY happy.

Thank you, gals!

onsdag 22 oktober 2008

Sketch #27

Happy hump day to you all!
Especially happy for me, because I have the honour of presenting a new designer for the blog! :) Her name is Anna and she's known in Sweden for being the queen of journaling, and for her amazing photos.
As you can see - she's an awesome scrapper!

Leave her some ♥ in her blog, won't ya?

onsdag 15 oktober 2008

Look here:

Sketch 19 is updated with another piece of art.
Isn't it great?!


onsdag 8 oktober 2008

Sketch #26

I know it's Thursday, buuuut - since I happened to get Tammy Tutterow to do not only one but TWO sketches for me, I decided to put them both up pretty immediately.
(Can you blame me?! *grins*)
That woman is wicked talented - just look how different this LO is from the former - and how it still has that elegant flow to it!
Tammy - you seriously ROCK!


tisdag 7 oktober 2008

Sketch #25

I'd like to start this Wednesday early (it's just past midnight in Sweden, but I'm too jittery about this to wait any longer!...) by welcoming a fantastic guest artist onto the blog.
You see - I've managed to get none other than one of my biggest idols, the great Tammy Tutterow to design from my sketches!
Imagine my surprise and pride, when my mail came back with a positive reply!

With a heartfelt THANK YOU to the wonderful Tammy, I give you all this week's sketch and the beautiful LO based on it.