lördag 21 mars 2009

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Hi there, people!

I know, we missed out last Wednesday again. Sorry about that.
You see, we've been discussing lately.

Life took another unexpected turn and instead of us being three people who had time left for this place (which was the intention, obviously), we're now three persons who don't have time or energy to push this up and forward.
Also, new sketch blogs and challenge blogs are popping up like crazy all over the internet and we sort of feel like we don't really have that much to add to them, because they're all fab!
(There's a link list in my blog, if you need some challenges and/or sketches to get you started.
I might even make a post here of them, later. /Z)

Therefore, we've decided to put this blog on hold indefinitely.

We might be back, so keep that bookmark - but don't expect it to be in the next few months.
So... Sorry to say - this is the final post in this blog for at least quite some time, and we hope you've enjoyed yourelves as much as we have.
It's been a pleasure!

Lots of love,
Zarah, Jeanette and Annika

Ps. The blog stays online, of course. There's so much amazing work and inspiration to be found here, still.

Oh look!

We're sort of featured!

The scrap challenge blog MojoHolder decided to scraplift Tammy Tutterow. As you might remember, Tammy was a guest designer on this blog a while back (Thanks, Tammy! You rock!) and the fun bit is that they decided to lift the LO she made for us!

Check it out!

The original post
MojoHolder's post

Isn't that cool?!

onsdag 11 mars 2009

Sketch #37

Another week has gone by and this week we will show you a sketch from the lovely Zarah, and what a few of the girls have done with it!!

Here is the wonderful sketch - everyone I showed it to have absolutely loved it!!

The talented Wendy created this layout...

Monique did this genuinly fab one...

Jeanette/tettiz did this gorgeous layout of her daughter...

Anna made a layout of her daughters celebrating the light-bringing tradition (seen in Sweden on the 13th of december)

And last but not least is Pamelas wonderful layout...

I hope you look at these and get superinspired to do your own layout as well! And don't forget to post some comments of awe for these ladies and their art work!!

Lots of love from cold and rainy England!!

onsdag 4 mars 2009

Sketch #37

Hi all!

Is it really wednesday again??
How did that happen?!

This week I sent the following sketch to a few people in the team, unfortunately there was a lot of things going on in people's life this week and therefore we only have one layout to show today. BUT, don't be sad, the layout we will show is absolutely LOVELY!!!

The sketch was as follows:

And Amanda has looked at my sketch and turned it into this masterpiece!!!

Isn't she great?!?

That is all for now - next week there will be a sketch from Zarah - stay tuned!!!