onsdag 28 januari 2009

Time for a sketch!

So you thought we'd abandoned you? No way! :D Here's a treat for you - coming all the way from England:


This week's sketch is made by Annika and the interpretations by Jeanette and Zarah herself - a sketch that looked "easy" from the beginning, but turned out to be harder than I thought. After some pulling out papers and decorations and shuffling them back and forth, I finished the LO, late last night - and I'm happy I took the time to do it. It reminds me of our beautiful wedding day and the love I feel for my husband, David.

Well, enough babbling from me, I'll let you see the LO now:

The title says: "The 2 of us"

Here is Zarah's go on the sketch - a beautiful card:

I just looooove her cards and LOs - keep 'em coming! :D

...and she does... Here's yet another card made from the sketch - she's on a roll now!


Amanda has contributed with her go on the sketch - a wonderful LO with her sweet, sweet son:


So, when can we see your interpretations of the sketch?? ;D

Have a lovely Wednesday!

/ Jeanette

onsdag 14 januari 2009

So it's Wednesday...

...and that means that I should update, right?!

Of course I will, too!
These beautiful pieces of art are made for the challenges I posted last time. The first LO and the card (I added the detail pictures too, because they're just so good) are made by the very sweet & talented Lene - she used the kit Virkelig Vintage (meaning "Very Vintage") from her kit shop Ecclectic kits for them both.
Doesn't that just look yummy?!

The blue layout is made by the amazing Maja who's beautiful style you might recognize, since been a guest designer here before.

Thanks to you both for playing along!

måndag 5 januari 2009

Some inspiration?

Hi everybody!

To celebrate my first post in this blog I thought I'd share with you my version of one of Z's wonderful sketches in the previous post - I also found it appropriate to scrap about the brilliant blog owner, so without furter ado:


The title says "Concrete babe", and the text says "Behind her sunglasses she can be herself", which is very strange to translate into English, since it is a quote from a well-known Swedish pop song... ;)

I'm really looking forward to seeing YOUR interpretations of the sketches!

/ Jeanette

lördag 3 januari 2009

Happy New Year to you all!

I am gonna start this year with some good news.
Since I have been unable to keep this blog rolling and running the way I intended, I asked two of my very bestest of friends (and fave scrappers/card makers) to join me in keeping it going - aaaaand to my delight, they accepted!

So... give it up for Tettiz and DrAnnika (a.k.a Jeanette and Annika) who are my new co-authors of this blog!

To celebrate, here are two new sketches and two challenges to get you started with your Scrappy New Year.

Apart from my sketches (originally drawn as one for cards and one for LOs but that's up to you to interpret as you wish) you can see my photo of a willow, right? The colours were extracted from the photo using this brilliant web site, and I'd like for you to create a card or an LO or something altered using those colours.
No - you don't have to use them all. You can add others, of course, but we prefer if you keep your work pretty close to the original colours.

And the last challenge?
Chose ONE word that you'll live by during this year to come. Scrap it.
This is for your BoM so no cheating. No hubbies, children, pets or else.
It has to be a photo of YOU.
Apart from that - it's all up to you.

Have fun!
Mail the reults to me at inspirascrap at gmail dot com for a chance to appear on the blog.