söndag 27 juli 2008

I started a Flickr-group for us!

Just apply for membership and jot down who you are (if I don't know both your real name or screen name - add the one I know! *grins*) and I'll let you in a.s.a.p.

Feel free to share what you've made from my sketches - don't forget to tell WHICH sketch it was, and please link back here.

Also - for my pending designers - please don't upload anything that hasn't yet been shown here.
Thanks - and welcome aboard! :D


3 kommentarer:

Dana sa...

I would love to be part of your group.. just saw your super amazing photos on flickr... wow!

Liz Qualman sa...

HI Zarah,

I'm here via my friend Sharon. She used one of your sketches for a layout at sb.com. I love your work and your blog. I sketch too, so please feel free to stop by sometime.

Take care - Liz

Scoobie sa...

Herlige skisser, Zarah! Nå har jeg brukt skisse nr. 14, ta gjerne en titt i blogen min eller i The Nooks Gallery. Om du vil flytte denne kommentaren slik at den passer under skisse 14, så gjør det!

Skisse 15 vet jeg også hvor jeg skal bruke!