onsdag 11 februari 2009

A teensy tinsy....

....presentation might be called for!

The adorable Zarah asked me if I wanted to help out updating and sketch for this blog and ofcourse I said YES!! I mean, Zarah has always been one of my scrapbooking gurus and to work with her on this blog is very honoring!

My name is Annika and I live in England with my husband (*ihhhh* still feels strange writing that!!) and our two Maine Coon cats, Mozart and Wagner. Most people probably know me as DrAnnika, which is my name on most forums and blogs!

When I am not blogging, readin/posting on forums, scrapbooking, cardmaking, watching Dr House or Scrubs, learning how to cook english food or reading I am in medical school here in England :).

I have been scrapping and cardmaking for a few years now and I am starting to feel that I "landed" in my creativity. I know what I like and what I feel comfortable with. Like most other scrappers I am a little hamster and love to horde all my scrapbooking things, and am a sucker for new things and new trends! I have a love for pens, and my husband still wonders how many pens one girl needs.... *smiles*

I think that is how much I am going to share with you for today - now I am off to do the things on my to-do-list and then off to the scrapping table to make a few cards - remeber Valentine's Day is coming up and Hubby deserves a card, doesn't he?

Lots of love!!


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