fredag 11 juli 2008

There we go!

So far, the sketches I've put up have been old one - not made specifically for this site buuut... requested, I've sort of started gathering a tiny inspirational team (or DT if you will) that will help me provid new and inspiring examples based on my sketches.

I won't tell you who they are just yet (there is, however, some planning and working going on around the world as we speak!) but I can tell you this much:
more people will get the opportunity in due time, as I am planning on having some guest designers as well.

Not all sketches will have examples, and you're still more than welcome to link the post of the sketch with your take on it for inspiration!
All I ask is that you don't use my sketches for anything but personal use, i.e no DT-work, no contests, no commissionary work and no crops unless you ok it with me first. I'm in no way impossible but I like to be asked.
I also want for you to please refer to me when showing your work, since I am the designer of the sketch.

These are all the fineprints of this site -
the fun and art is up to you
Until next update - I bid you adieu!


4 kommentarer:

Tettiz sa...


You BET I'll be a frequent visitor here - thank you Z for being such a fantastic inspiration!

Pamela sa...

Lovin' you... sketch goddess!!! Give us more daaaaaling!!... Your unique hand-drawn designs are super cool and VERY inspirational!!

Lilla Anna sa...

Va roligt!

Lindsey sa...

Oh, hi. Z!! Lovin' your sketches here! I'm sorry I missed the dt call, but you know I'll be a fan! I'm adding you to my MixnMatch sketch site too - have fun!