lördag 9 augusti 2008


As of this week, I will no longer have time to update this blog twice a week - and just because I never wanted to be of the convenient sort (who'd update in the weekends, like every normal person) I've decided to stick with Wednesdays!

Therefore, there's no new sketch coming up today - sorry about that, I should have informed earlier, but time escaped in a very tricky way.

Hope y'all love me anyways?! ;)

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

awe bummer... but maybe I will be able to catch up finally.. Your sketches have really inspired me.. and i am off to find the stamps you have used.. I so want so many of them.. xoxo Bee

Anonym sa...

Hi Zarah - am working my way through your sketches and have done #10. Its on my blog. Thanks.

Drannika sa...

Doh - OF COURSE WE LOVE YOU anyways *silly you* :)

Once a week is very very good! It is worth waiting for! :D

*lovving sent along Z's way*

Scoobie sa...

Of course we still love you! :-)

Ok, so you don't give us a new sketch this week - then we have time browse through and use your previous ones. What a great deal!

Nina sa...

Silly Z -
I'll love you always, no matter what, hon'!! :)

Also wanted to tell you I'm about to add your logo and link to my blog...if I can figure out how. ;)