lördag 20 september 2008

Important message!

Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that people are still using my sketches for what they are not intended for.

Let me remind you:
My sketches are NOT to be used for DT-work, challenges, contests, applications or anything but your own pleasure and/or for this blog.
That is all, unless I have specifically given permission.
I also ask that you please give me credit when possible. It's really not that hard.

This includes, but is not limited to, the sketches on this blog. I still own the copyright to all of my sketches, even the ones that are older and/or have been used elsewhere.

Please, don't make me have to stop doing this.
I love sharing my sketches and I looooove seeing all the wonderful things that you make from them - but I don't appreciate seeing LOs that are distinctively and apparantly made from my sketches in places where they don't belong.

Thanks for reading.

7 kommentarer:

Lauri {Scrap Attack} sa...

So sorry people are being brats about taking your sketches - sometimes they can be so disrespectful! :( I hope it all works out, I just love your sketches!!

Wih sa...

I just cannot believe that people can't respect this...!

Julie Kelley sa...

Oh no... I hope you won't stop posting sketches!! They are just wonderful and so inspiring!

NICOLE sa...

oh jeez, thats terrible that no one is crediting you... and using it for DT stuff!

Charlotte sa...

I love that you do this blog! I hope people respect your work so you can continue sharing!!

Charlotte sa...

I love your sketches! I hope people stop abusing this inspiration!

Tettiz sa...

I can't understand what is so hard with what you ask - it's really simple! Use for pleasure, give credit, period.

Hopefully you will continue sharing your sketches - because I LOVE them!

Lots of credit to you, darling! ♥
/ Jeanette