måndag 29 september 2008


You know about that saying, that even the sun has its spots?
I'm not claining radiance and necessity like the sun, but I'm definitely having some spots.

You see - I accidentally scanned the same paper twice, giving the same sketches two different names. Way to go me, ey...? *blushes*

Now - I sent Amanda and Wendy a sketch each. Number 27 and 29.
Only... it was the same one.
Yep. I TOLD you I'm a clutz...!
So now, I've finally updated that post with Wendy's awesome LO too.

So sorry to keep you waiting, Wendy, dear!!

Ps. By the way, guys - since you're reading my blog, I am guessing you like sketches. How about doubles? And how about contests...? Check out the Papermaze blog (where Wendy designs - which is why I made the connection) for a contest you just miiiight enjoy... ;)

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